About Us

The Northern Province of Sri Lanka is renowned for its farming, hospitality, and cultural history. The people, despite having faced much hardship, are resilient, smiling and caring. At Thinnai Organic, we take deep pride in our extensive knowledge of what mother nature can provide here in the North, while maintaining the balance between it and the community around us. At The Thinnai, the only all-suite hotel in Jaffna, our talented craftsmen use nature’s provisions to bring you delicious, one-of-a-kind Northern meals. From this natural alliance we bring you Thinnai Foods – the best the North has to offer.
From basic cooking needs to packaged foods, our vision is to deliver high-quality Northern food products. Every single item has been carefully crafted with the best ingredients and painstakingly prepared – because you deserve the best. Furthermore, in keeping with our mission we have partnered with Thinnai Organic to outgrow our ingredients with farmers in Jaffna and the Vanni and to use Semman handicrafts in our packaging. Our ‘Jaffna friendship bangle’ in our cornflakes and pickles packaging and our ‘napkin ring’ in our bottled products are just a few examples how we go that extra mile to connect with the local community.



To be Sri Lanka’s most innovative supplier of quality local food.


To make innovative, traditional, healthy, great tasting food made using ingredients sourced from local farmers while supporting artisans in the Northern province